Nicotine Flavour Ban Threatens More Harm Than Good

Nicotine Flavour Ban?

After the attack on flavoured E-cigarettes in the UK within 2019 it has become a worldwide government agenda to attempt to ban flavoured E-Liquid products. This has since been squashed by Public Health England after the correlation between active vapers and ex-smokers have been noted. Seeing those who have quit smoking finding it drastically easier to stop with the use of flavoured E-Liquid / E-Cigarette Flavours. EU Commission states it is a victory for both vaping and common sense with a ban overturn in Denmark with the attempt to ban all E-Liquid flavours apart from Tobacco and Menthol, stating to put 70,000 Danish Ex-smokers back to the cigarettes.

Our vaping brothers and sisters in Australia are facing an increasingly grim outlook, like 2020 hadn’t been bad enough! From the start of next year (2021), they will face hurdles preventing them from importing nicotine flavoured liquids even with a prescription as only doctors with a permit will be allowed to do so. This decision blatantly ignores the fact the majority of smokers are unable to quit going cold turkey, with studies finding at the one-year mark 18% of vapers hadn’t relapsed when compared to 9.9% of nicotine patch users. Perhaps more importantly this could lead to the emergence of a dangerous black market, where products have no safe usage instructions, inconsistent nicotine levels and could be cut with dangerous substances that can result in death in cases. The way to avoid these black market scenarios is to stick with manufacturers like ourselves who take pride in every product, only using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a smooth and clean vaping experience.

Now is the time to act as we have been unfairly and unfoundedly discriminated against, please support the chief and our vape family on the other side of the world by signing the petition below without delay!

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