Vaping Hacks 101

Vaping Inhalation Technique Hacks 101

Your inhaling technique can make or break your vaping experience, especially if you’re only just
getting started. The importance of this can’t be undermined! An incorrect inhale could lead to
unpleasant rushes of nicotine or coughing, that could prove disastrous to accomplishing your goals.
Two inhalation techniques prevail as the most popular, these are the: mouth-to-lung and direct to
lung draws. Which is the superior inhalation technique, predominantly depends on the vape device
you’re using although previous smoking preferences can cause variations.


The Mouth-to-lung (commonly abbreviated to MTL) hits usually work best in smaller size vape
devices with higher resistance coils, and are best suited for using high nicotine strength e-liquids.
Whenever taking a drag from these types of devices, you should feel like you’re sucking air through a
thin drink’s straw (e.g. like for a coffee). The sensation should aim to be tight! By drawing like this,
low vapour is created that replicates the feeling of smoking a cigarette, which is essential as it’s what
many smokers looking to quit crave. A very simple but effective technique.
Gradually draw vapour into your mouth for a couple of seconds.
Keep the vapour in your closed mouth for a maximum of a few seconds.
Open your mouth and inhale (breathe) the vapour into your lungs (not swallowing).
Gently exhale after the vapour has settled in the lungs.


Direct-to-lung (commonly abbreviated to DL) hits are mainly optimal for the larger size vape devices
with lower resistance coils, and are best suited for using low strength nicotine vape juice. When
taking a drag from one of these types of devices, you should feel like you’re sucking air through a
thick drink’s straw (e.g. like for a milkshake). Drawing vapour in this way should make the most of it
and provide a very full “bong hit” like sensation, using low nicotine it’ll definitely remain a very
smooth and silky hit though.
Swiftly draw vapour directly into your lungs
Almost immediately exhale all of the vapour
If unable to figure out what kind of draw works best for your vaping device, or if your device has
airflow adjustment options, this leaves nicotine content as the best gauge for which inhalation
techniques is better for you. The general rule of thumb to go by is, the highest nicotine strengths
(12mg-20mg) best suits mouth-to-lung, while the lowest (0mg-6mg) best suits direct-to-lung. When
it comes to medium nicotine strengths (6mg-12mg) tend to work well enough with both inhaling
techniques, however most would agree 6mg is really the limit for DTL being fully enjoyable.

Cigar Puffs

There are some vapers out there who opt against the mainstream inhalation techniques, and instead
puff on their vape like they would a cigar. Now this isn’t technically a full inhale but we’ll allow it, as
firstly it can be used with both the highest powered (normally used for DTL) and lowest powered
(normally used for MTL) mods. Secondly the good news for any vapour wishing to consume nicotine
is that it will still be absorbed, as it’s crucially able to reach mucus membranes. As those who follow
this technique do argue it can be the most satisfying and efficient way to vape, so you as well could
find inhaling to your lungs an unnecessary action.

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