What is Stoptober?

So What Exactly is Smokefree Stoptober?

Stoptober is an annual national stop smoking challenge in the UK, lasting for 28 days. By stopping smoking for 28 days, this makes you a massive five times more likely to quit and stay smoke free for the rest of your life. Sign up campaigns usually launch around the start of September with the challenge officially commencing on October 1st, however people are still encouraged to start their own personal challenge on any other date before and after this.

When did Stoptober first launch?

The quit smoking challenge Stoptober began in 2012, and so far, has inspired over one and a half million people to change their lives for the better. Since 2017 vaping has been encouraged by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a useful resource to help people quit smoking, this came after it proved to be the most popular tool to successfully complete the challenge with during the previous years campaign.

Why is it successful?

Stoptober is the best time of the year to quit as it encourages engaging and meaningful conversation between professionals and likeminded people, so they can discuss product options, personalise advice and introduce services available. On top of this there’s a national advertising campaign and community level engagement across England, further supporting the event. However, this isn’t just limited to the public sector, as more and more private businesses are getting involved each year to ensure the event continues to get bigger and better with continually rising quitting rates.

Giving up smoking is widely recognised as one of the hardest tasks someone can face, however support peaks at this time of the year and can go far beyond the capabilities of just families and friends as tailored apps and social media platforms have grown to provide further 24/7 peer support that makes Stoptober the success it is.


There are so many reasons people can have for stopping smoking, the most often cited are the improvements to personal physical and mental health which continue for decades after you quit, as well as for those around you. Additionally, when quitting people can also enjoy saving vast amounts of money, as well as knowing they are doing something valuable to help protect the environment. All of these few points are undisputed facts; however, reasons can still vary personally far beyond these and are always important to remind yourself of daily during the challenge.

How to get involved

As previously mentioned there is now a wealth of easily accessible options, the most popular materials now tend to be obtained via the internet and can be utilised almost immediately after requesting. Starting with the commencement of Stoptober 2020 Chief of Vapes is offering their own unique support service, comprising of innovative features such as fully private and confidential daily support chat that you can find details of throughout our website. Watch this space for more information regarding the launch of the very first Personal Support Chat throughout Stoptober.

 Why the Switch to Vaping is such an effective quitting tool

Compared to other nicotine replacement methods, vaping provides an “oral fix” stimulation that almost identically mimics cigarette smoking that also continues along the throat as well. Whilst the common perception is nicotine is harmful the reality is its risk are minor versus many of the overriding toxic chemicals found in tobacco, thus vaping is able to effectively remove these damaging unwanted substances. By contrast E liquid is made up of just three components: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and flavourings, all of which are commonly found in everyday food products. The technology of devices used to deliver E liquids has also rapidly advanced, so many can now control the quantity of nicotine delivered to be individually tailored to the user as they please. In the U.K. all vaping products are thoroughly regulated on the basis of quality and safety by the Tobacco Products Directive, with intense competition in the market place pushing standards ever higher.

Further ways to boost chances for success with vaping:

  • Nic Salts – Nicotine salts are perfect for those starting their vaping journey, as high strength e-liquids can often seem harsh to someone just getting started. They provide a much smoother experience for the throat, replicating a cigarette as close as can be to make the transition easier.
  • Find a companion – converting a friend or partner to go on the journey with you using the same program will provide indispensable moral support, that can help you through the toughest of times.
  • Keep stocked up – Never letting your supplies of e-liquid run too low is fundamental to a successful Stoptober, as random nicotine cravings can leave you in a nightmare scenario when you’re out of liquid. When ordering for the first time it’s useful to remember on average 10ml will normally last most beginners 3 days using a standard nicotine e-liquid, with equivalent amount nicotine salts able to last for around 7 days. We currently offer free 2-3-day delivery on all orders over £12, and free next day delivery on all orders over £20.
  • Vary flavours – When starting out you can never know how long you will enjoy your first flavour for, to further avoid the risk of running out of juice and relapsing best practice recommends having at least two flavours to rotate between.
  • Habit Breaking – One key aspect of breaking the habit is to try and break previous routines that you found yourself in. Whether that was having a cig on the drive to or from work or having one before you go to sleep. It is best to completely change your pattern. Sometimes substituting for another product can cause alternate issues.


If you are having issues regarding a nicotine or substance abuse problem please do not contact us as we are not qualified to give advice on the subject, we are just people who have been in that situation and saw a need for a service like this to help. Please contact the NHS HERE for more information on how to quit.

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