Best Drink in Show London 2020

Chief of Vapes steals the show with the Best Vape Juice. The chiefs CRUSHED IT at the Vaper Expo UK, London. Our signature tipi vape bar was the centre-piece of the show! From fire breathers and vape tricksters to huge giveaways, we had the lot! It was truly UNFORGETTABLE!

The sweet range in SALTS is becoming our best-selling flavours of all time and we’re only getting STARTED. Having been established for only 18 months our Blackcurrant Lemonade bagged “The Best Drink of The Show Award 2020” at the London Vaper Expo 2020.

Chief of Vapes is TPD, FDA and CCPSA compliant. Our passion and dedication are shown through our eye-catching bottles and unique flavours. Currently, various companies within the market have established complex flavour profiles often leaving vapers confused as to where to start. This is where Chief of Vapes has taken a completely different approach. We simply want to create the best vape juice regarding quality that is available on the market.

Customer satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE priority so we went back to basics and brought back flavours that you all love and remember. Our Sweets Range Salts takes you back to your favourite childhood shop and we believe our award-winning Blackcurrant Lemonade is currently the best in the market. There are NO other flavours like this and we PROUDLY stand by that.

If you know Chief of Vapes then you should already know we are all about Unity, Family, Peace, but most importantly we care about the PEOPLE. We understand smoking is worldwide and we have made it our mission to get as many people off the cigarettes as possible. This is why we released our new Starter Kit, which is packed with 5 Salts and a Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod to make things a whole lot easier for you. Chief of Vapes strives to be the Best Vape Juice in the UK but also worldwide.



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