Best Vaping Holiday Destinations

Holiday destinations with the best vaping facilities

After the year 2020 turned out to be we know many of you will be itching to get away as soon as you
possibly can, so if you want to enjoy vaping in your getaway it’s a very important consideration in
deciding where to go. While the concept of vaping on holiday sounds amazing in theory, you should
however be warned that unfortunately the reality is there’s no shortage of places where bringing out
an e-cigarette is far from welcome. The most extreme ones even go as far as to ban the import and
or export of any of the equipment associated with vaping. These places include the ever-popular
Singapore and Argentina, so checking the rules before you travel couldn’t be more important. That’s
why we’ve comprised this list of the most vaper friendly places on earth, to help make your
destination decision that bit easier.

Vaping in the United States

As with many laws in the USA applicable vaping laws vary by state as well as region, hence its always
best to check your exact specific destination(s). That said since there is no federal blanket ban or
restriction on e-cigarette products, also there’s no shortage of places that embrace vaping making
them ideal locations if you’re looking to source all the associated bits needed. The good people at R
Street did a ranking of the 52 most popular cities in the country, and gave each of them a score based
on how vaper friendly they are when considering the weighted most important factors. Taking top
spot was Virginia Beach in Virginia, with a cluster of other cities not far behind their score. Amongst
them were the likes of Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson all nestled in Arizona. Also bagging respectable
scores were Albuquerque, New Mexico along with both Colorado Springs and Denver in Colorado
winning many plaudits for several aspects. On the other end of the spectrum steer clear of LA and
Chicago if you want to enjoy vaping as part of your holiday.

Vaping in China

Identical to the US, vaping laws in China vary depending on which region you’re in. When considering
the fact, the majority of its neighbouring countries in Asia either outright ban or have extremely
strict rules regarding vaping, this makes China one of the most relaxed places on the continent.
Furthermore the E-cigarette was invented in China, and the country is the world leader when it
comes to supplying every aspect of vaping products to the rest of the world. So there’s no shortage
of places where regulations surrounding vaping are very relaxed, and it’s just as easy when it comes
to finding a place when you need to buy something. However there are still some places with enough
restrictions to warrant taking note of, such as Shanghai for example where vaping is only permitted in
zones already designated as smoking areas.

Vaping in Japan

Another of the few Asian countries without overly restrictive rules is that of Japan. Although there is
a law that means
you can only buy e-liquids that do not contain nicotine.
That said fortunately
you’ll have no problem taking your own supply to last for your holiday, since allowances are made for
personal import. Therefore it’s of paramount importance if you use e-juice containing nicotine and
want to do so whilst there on holiday, that you take enough of your own supply to last the duration
of stay otherwise you could be in a very bad situation. The majority of places allow for freedom
when it comes to vaping, just be advised to have what you need before hand as sourcing things is a
bit harder than the other places previously mentioned.

Vaping in The Netherlands

Whilst the Netherlands is famed for it’s relaxed stance towards cannabis, the same can’t be said
about tobacco or E-cigarettes. For instance tobacco is banned from being smoked inside coffee shops
and so is any vaping unfortunately, although you are allowed to vape dry herbs if your device is
capable. Although the import and use of E-cigarettes did once come perilously close to being
outlawed, fortunately common sense prevailed and you remain safe to do so for the immediate
future. Despite not having total freedom on where you can vape like some places, the Netherlands
and particularly Amsterdam remain excellent choices for a vape indulgent getaway. The atmosphere
is amongst the most relaxed in the world, the scenery is stunning and there’s plenty of fun to be had
no matter what it is you are looking to get out of the trip.

Vaping in Australia & New Zealand

Similar to Japan, it is perfectly easy to buy vape juice that doesn’t contain any nicotine in Australia
and New Zealand, however there are some restrictions in place when it does contain nicotine. Again
there’s no issue in bringing your own personal supply and all the equipment to vape it with you.
More encouragingly though, is that in some locations the restrictions on smoking in public places
doesn’t actually apply to vaping, meaning you can enjoy your e-cigarette where a tobacco one would
be forbidden. The prime place where this is possible would have to be Sydney, as it provides a
stunning backdrop few can beat, especially if you want some shots of your mod.

Vaping in the UK

The perfect vaping holiday location may actually be close than you think. There’s no shortage of
cultural reasons why London’s an amazing place to visit, making it ideal for both a weekend or full
week away as entertainment is guaranteed. There are some restrictions however a vaper does face
here, for instance e-cig use is prohibited on public transport. Nevertheless overall generally
regulators are amongst the most supportive of vaping in the world, as they recognise it’s ability to
help people quit smoking tobacco. The capital is buzzing with places where you can go to just enjoy a
vape, including some very fashionable bars and cafes. There’s also a great selection of parks to
choose from to vape in, although it’s best to stick to the most open-air settings if only for politeness

Vaping in Egypt

Loved by those from all corners of the globe for its array of sun and sand, it’s no wonder Egypt is an
increasingly popular holiday destination as it provides a great dose of culture as well. Egypt is
another country however where the sale of vaping products isn’t actually allowed, despite this
there’s a big smoking culture there and if you bring your own supplies you should be fine. Even
better there’s no specific rules against using any vape equipment, so long as you have everything you
need packed before you leave vaping there will be a blast.

Top Tips for the Travelling Vaper

If you’re bringing all your equipment to vape on your travels with you, always remember to check the
exact rules of any destinations you pass through before leaving. One general thing to remember is
vaping isn’t allowed on planes and the majority of airports, however sometimes you can be lucky to
find a rare smoking area exempt from this. Ensure you check which type of plug is required for your
destination country, as sockets can vary massively. Also it is worth checking the rules about carrying
every aspect of your equipment on your person on a plane, as you might be expected to declare it at
security and you’ll most certainly have to keep any liquids separate from the rest of your hand

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