CBD Vape Pens 2022: Top 8 Do’s & Don’ts to Know Before You Start Vaping

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If you are someone who is new to vaping or just wants to refresh himself by vaping then here are things you should or shouldn’t do if you want to enjoy vaping. 


Many people started vaping because it was way better than traditional vaping practices. Now Vaping is considered a lifestyle. But if you are new to vaping, you might be wondering what are proper ways to fully experience vaping. That’s why we have brought to you the dos and don’ts of how to use a vape pen


The Do’s Of Vaping

1. Keep Vaporizer Clean


This is the most important guideline for a better vaping experience, as is obvious. The quality and flavour of your e-liquids may be impacted by the residue that accumulates in your tank. Typically, every time you replace your e-juice, you should clean your tank. You should clean the tank every month by emptying it and soaking it in warm water.  

2. Properly Store Your E-juices


You know E-juices don’t get spoiled easily, but that doesn’t mean you can keep them laying anywhere. Properly storing your juice is extremely important so that the favour of the juices remains intact. You shouldn’t keep it under direct sunlight or places prone to hot environments. You should keep the vape juice in a chilly, dark area. 

3. Find A Suitable Vaporizer


Depending on your needs, there are several vape devices. When purchasing your first vaping equipment, you have a variety of alternatives. There is a specialised device like a convection vaporizer that can meet your demands, whether you simply want to vape as a pastime or you want to stop smoking.


Try pod systems like the EQ FLTR Pod, a soft-tip device that simulates smoking cigarettes, if you wish to smoke nic salt liquids. This is ideal for those who have recently begun switching.

4. Experiment


You can experiment as much as you like, mix the tanks, mids, liquids, and coils as you vape. You can experiment to discover your ideal vaping setup.


A great idea can be starting with an MTL vape device and moving on to a DTL device. If you’ve been using vape pods for a while, for instance, you can experiment with a vape mod to see if inhaling denser clouds offers you the same satisfaction.


Image Credit: Unsplash 


The Don’ts Of Vaping

5. Do Not Vape In Chains 


If you are a beginner then most likely you would want to try chain vaping, but that’s the most common mistake while vaping. You must remember that before you take another drag, your wicks should be soaked. Mostly 15-30 seconds are enough before you take another drag, but if you are frequently getting these drags then you can wait longer. This step is even more challenging if you have a former history of smoking because you don’t wait before smoking another drag. To assist you to become used to vaping without resorting to chain vaping, switch to e-liquids with a high nicotine level.

6. Hydrate Yourself


If you vape frequently then your mouth could become dry. You are less prone to experience a vaper’s tongue when you are hydrated.


Since propylene glycol is one of the primary components of an e-liquid, vaping can be dehydrating. Water molecules that can deny your body of the water it needs are simply absorbed by it. You should therefore consume extra water than usual.

7. Do Not Charge Your Device Overnight


One of the major errors made by newcomers is believing that charging their smartphones overnight is OK. Its battery could easily be worn out by doing this. If you leave your gadget charging overnight, you run the risk of damaging both your battery and your device itself.


To avoid causing harm to the device, you can purchase vape kits with overcharge protection.

8. Don’t Go Back To Smoking


As long as you are vaping, refrain from picking up a cigarette if your objective is to stop. In comparison to vape juices, smoking has a lot more negative impacts and hazardous substances. The goal of utilising a vape device to quit smoking is defeated when a person alternates between vaping and smoking cigarettes.


Simply change your e-liquid to one with a higher nicotine dosage if you miss the euphoric feeling that smoking a cigarette may give you.


A novice who wants to attempt vaping could find it a little intimidating. But whether you’re just starting out or have been vaping for a while, you can improve your experience with this guide.


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