Emerging Vaping Trends – Vape Pen

Emerging Vaping Trends – Vape Pens on trend in 2020

2020 Has been a big already year for so many reasons so you may have missed hearing about the new big trends hitting the vape pen market, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

-Honey I shrunk the vape pen: unlike many consumer goods which have continued to grow in size of late, vape pens have bucked the trend becoming increasingly sleeker and streamlined bordering on fashion accessory territory. While some may be concerned this compactness comes at the sacrifice of power, they can rest assured these pocket-sized models can pack the same punch thanks to advances in technology meaning the emerging desire for convenience doesn’t come with any sacrifices.

-Fun new flavours still coming thick and fast: Despite a draconic crackdown on all things vaping by regulators in certain parts of the world, this fortunately hasn’t put the innovators off doing what they do best as smokers wishing to ditch cigarettes for good now have by far the best tools to help them succeed as getting bored of vape flavours reaches near impossibility.

-The future is here: It’s now hard to remember a world where everything wasn’t connected to the internet in some way, and your vape device is about to be no different. Benefitting from the “smart” revolution, apps can be used to modify anything from nicotine content to power output all remotely whilst also providing insightful analytics into your preferences. This technology can provide benefits to both the most seasoned vapers who’ll love the extra functionality, as well as those wanting to track their progress in the battle to beat smoking.

-Quality control rising rapidly: as previously mentioned concerns about the health implications of vaping dominates discussion these days, in response manufacturers have really tightened and enhanced quality control measures sending shockwaves to benefit vapers across the globe. The constant desire to push the industry to new levels will only heighten progress in this area, that we can all look forward to over coming years.

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