Exciting New Chinese Vaping Effects Study Aims to Fight Back Against Regulations

Exciting New Chinese Vaping Effects Study is Fighting Back Against Vaping Industry Regulations

One of China’s largest E-cigarette companies Relx has taken a big leap forwards for the vaping industry by unveiling a brand-new bioscience laboratory to study the health effects of vaping, to disprove many of the unfounded suspicions that hold it back in the eyes of regulators. China is a deeply conflicted marketplace with a state-owned tobacco monopoly overseen by countries tobacco regulator, who jointly announced a ban on online e-cigarette sales as well as a wave of further advertising limitations.

With plans for research to collaborate with multiple universities and scientific institutions over the next 10 years and open even more labs, things look a bit brighter now for vaping in the region and across the globe. With continued studies and advancements in the vaping industry over the coming years, will only allow space for further developments to improve the overall experience and stigma attached to vaping.

Full Story Available Here

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