Government Advice on Vaping

The fact vaping remains one of the most effective aids to stop smoking and staying smoke free long-term remains undisputed, with as of yet there being no substantial evidence to say vaping has any significant health risks. Versus cigarette smoking it is however clear from studies that vaping is a lot less damaging to the respiratory system, which does put people at increased risk of contracting respiratory infections like Covid-19. There is currently no hard evidence vaping makes you any more susceptible to severe disease if you become infected, if there is any potential risk from it however it can be expected to far less severe than if you did smoke.

It is reiterated how less harmful vaping is for you than cigarette smoking, so it is now even more important than ever with the current threat from the virus that you do not return to regular smoking.

As with any repetitive hand-to-face movement, there is however a slightly higher risk of the virus finding a route to enter your body. Therefore for vapers to minimise their risk of contacting Covid-19 it’s recommended they should:

  • Incorporate more regular hand washing than normal lasting at least 20 seconds a time, ideally with soap and water however hand sanitiser can be substituted in if not available.
  • Clean their e-cigarette / Mod thoroughly and regularly (which should be common practice for optimal use and performance anyway).

The sharing of any vaping devices however is strongly advised against by Public Health England (PHE).

In 2018 PHE conducted a fully independent e-cigarette evidence review, that found to date there have been zero health risks identified from passive vaping to bystanders, so you can vape in full confidence around others in your household and outdoors. Also presently there’s zero evidence that passive exposure to e-cigarette vapour can cause Covid-19 to be caught by others, although they do advise vapers should avoid exhaling clouds around others however this has been general considerate behaviour ever since vaping began so please continue this.

For more informative advice on how e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking for good’ please check out Chief of Vapes starter’s introduction guide to vaping, other blog postings and FAQ’s. If any of your questions cannot however be answered please contact us via the speak to the Chief button on our website and we will happily help.

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