Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

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Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Actually Safer Than Smoking? Researchers at London Imperial College, which ranks 9th in the world according to the QS university rankings 2020 has gone a huge way in delivering credibility back to the vaping industry after a wave of false fact attacks funded by the tobacco industry. The fully independent study backs Public Health England’s narrative that the risks from vaping are minimal, and went even further to say the risk to bystanders from vape clouds is “very low” so you can keep calm and keep vaping in confidence around your loved ones!

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The impending EU beating cancer plan is a once in a life time opportunity to improve public health across borders, with cancer being the second highest cause of death on the continent and since that facts still not enough to put people off the EU is right to engage in every option to deal with the menace. Harm reduction through vaping holds a pivotal key in preventing these needless deaths caused by cancer from smoking, with countries ranging from Canada to New Zealand including the UK recommending that current smokers switch to electronic cigarettes has arguably achieved more to stop cigarette smoking over the last few years than anything lawmakers did in the decades before. Of the options to help smokers quit vaping is by far the most effective resource available, yet contrary to the beating cancer goal they’ve often faced increasing restrictions that harm public health hence we’ll never win the war without utilising its amazing potential.

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