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A Vaporizer or a Vape is an electronic device built to generate vapour out of certain herbs or tobaccos and also from medical cannabis. They release the active ingredient and flavour in the form of little or no smoke from your desired plant or herb when they are heated below the point of combustion. There are two types of vaporizers – desktop and portable and they either work in conduction, convection or Induction heating methods.


Conduction Heating

In this method, the herb is in direct contact with the heat source that produces vapour. This was common in earlier desktop vaporizers but now the other two types have substituted it.


Convection Heating

In convection heating, the material is not in direct contact with the heat source but is stacked right above it and then the heated air is passed over that to extract the active ingredients.


Induction Heating

This is by far the best procedure for vaporizers. This is the same as convection; no direct contact is made rather the vaporization is achieved by swirling movement of currents around an electrically conducted object. The herb is put into the object and it starts getting heated up by the electric current revolving around it. This results in 100% extraction of your material’s flavour.



The two major types would be desktop and portable but under these, there are various kinds of vaporizers according to the person’s preference.



These were the first dry herb vaporizers to be introduced. These are strong units designed for home users. Their amazing heating systems filter out harmful and irritant ingredients and provide more control over temperature. They were the first units used for medicinal purposes. Few popular desktop vaporizers are: –


Whip Style

These vaporizers use the convection heating method to vaporize the concentrates of dry herbs. These vapes have ground-glass whips/elastic or tube whips/wands or mouthpieces for the inhalation of the vapour. The whip cools down the vapour before the intake for a smoother experience.

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Forced Air

Forced air vaporizers also use the convection heating method but have an in-built fan. When the heat is generated, it reaches the material in the form of “forced air”. This process ensures that the herb is evenly and consistently heated and the consumer has the best experience.

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This is an electronic concentrate vaporizer that uses the form of induction heating to produce vapour. This falls under both desktop and portable vaporizers depending on how you use them. The E-Nail vaporizers are said to be much easier and tastier than the others.

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These are the recent most popular vaporizers as they are easier to carry and easy to use. These generally have one-button controls and they heat up easily. These also offer control over temperature and the user enjoys the taste of the herbs at its best. The two most demanding kinds are: –

Pen style


Pen style vaporizer or Vape pen or e-cigarettes is the most used kind of vaporizer nowadays. People have substituted their cigarettes with these battery-operated devices. The best kind of Vape pens are the Dab Pen. But some might have thoughts on dab pens as that of – do dab pens smell? Also, some of the vape pens are also suitable for liquid nicotine’s.


Portable Vapes

They are regarded as more efficient than vape pens because of their higher vapour qualities. Some of these use conduction heating which is user friendly and of high tech.

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Find the best vaporizer for yourself to experience the best of all.


  1. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer – Ranked as best in the world is the volcano hybrid vaporizer. Volcano vaporizers are the most traditional desktop vapes and are also called as the legends of the vaping world. As the name goes, it is a mountain-shaped vape and looks amazing. It is built with stainless steel which makes it very durable. It utilizes the hybrid heating system i.e., both conduction and convection. It is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates and takes 1-2 minutes for heating up.

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  1. Arizer Solo II Vaporizer – One of the best portable vaporizers is the Arizer Solo II. It is a dry herb vape with a battery-oriented system. Its best features are – heats up faster, has better airflow, can be used up to 20 times with one charge. It has digital temperature control which allows you to choose your suitable temperature. This also comes with two premium borosilicate glass aroma tubes which delivers you the intense flavour and aroma of the material.

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  1. Pax 3 – Whether you are a beginner or not, Pax 3 is great for every user. It is the only portable vaporizer that can actually give you the experience of a desktop vaporizer. The heating method used in this is conduction heating. This is also compatible with android phones via Bluetooth and provides service for 8 – 10 sessions. The seamless aluminium body and availability in different colours, make it worth buying.

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