The Six Biggest Vape Technology Innovations Of 2020

The Six Biggest Vape Technology Innovations Of 2020

It’s amazing how the humble E-cigarette has become such an integral part of so many peoples lives in such a short time, chances are you’ll see one every day no matter where you happen to be out and about. The latest designs have become sexy and streamlined modern works of art, with plenty of scope for user personalisation in every imaginable way, and that’s even before we’ve talked about how almost any flavour imaginable is now available.

The pace of development in this industry has been so rapid in fact, it can even be argued that in 2020 now only a few small niches are moving faster. These big vape technology innovations showcase an ever-growing understanding of vapers needs and wants, working hand in hand with regulators along the way to further accelerate industry’s already high standards and safety levels. As with most technological developments it is the end user who reaps the most benefits from these continuous improvements, however benefits can be seen to ripple throughout the rest of society.

Whilst it’ll be very exciting to see what the future will bring, there’s a lot of evidence that the future is already here today. We’ve seen a wide variety of novelties emerge that’s made the vaping landscape of today look very different to when it first emerged, and you could of thought we’d already reached the end of the industries possibilities, however when we take a closer look back at the past year we can see there’s no signs of things slowing down just yet.

Smartphone Integration

It might seem an entirely futuristic conception that an e-cig could possibly work with your smartphone in any way. Recently we’ve seen a steady development of technology to bring us the smartwatch and other gadgets that interconnect with our smartphones to benefit our lives in endless ways.

Similarly, to how we can track our steps for the day, be informed of notifications and change settings on our phones without touching them via Bluetooth, the latest big innovation to the vape game in 2020 has been the capacity to pair vape devices with smartphones using this technology. This represents a huge game changer for many reasons, now we can keep track of our key usage habits, and also gain a form of protection from having our devices lost or stolen. Also this change provides a big benefit for those who are particularly concerned about their daily nicotine intake, as exact amounts consumed can be tracked and also the optimal point to refill your vape identified, which can prove crucial when using vaping to deter from the temptation of cigarettes.

Thicker Vapour Clouds

Although not the most paramount concern for every vaper, however a large majority will be very pleased to know their aesthetic desires for bigger and more intense clouds are now a reality.

All credit goes once again to manufacturers for pulling out all the stops to give the people what they want, going above and beyond through innovating big time to develop more powerful clearomizers which work in tandem with the increasingly common sub-ohm coils to produce that kind of clouds that would have been unimaginable before 2020. The results are something definitely well worth snapping a few shots of.

Charging Progress

Once upon a time battery problems were unfortunately something that seemed to plague many vape devices on the market, with limited battery life and frequent recharging proving detrimental to the overall usefulness as well as enjoyment of the experience. Today we can consider ourselves to be very lucky that thanks to big innovations in battery technology it has developed rapidly so we don’t have to worry about it’s limits the same, in fact now in 2020 there’s a wide choice readily available across the globe when it comes to batteries and chargers available for almost any vape device, not to mention portable on the go charging is now just as efficient as from a mains source.

It can now even be possible to go days between charges in many cases, which would have been a possibility for only the most infrequent vaper’s just a couple of years ago. Furthermore charging times have also been slashed considerably, all working towards helping people get the most from their devices which almost certainly helps them steer clear of far worse alternatives.

New Device Shapes

In the beginning early vape devices were constrained to coming in only the traditional long thin ‘vape pen’ style, which somewhat signified the first e-cigarettes homage to the traditional cigarette. In 2020 in particular particular we have seen some of the biggest and most innovative radical designs emerge that thoroughly break the traditional technology moulds, as we’ve seen a vape device take almost every shape imaginable.

These new shapes have often come paired with increased functionality as well, most commonly allowing for more vape juice to be stored and having bigger batteries fitted, which helped take them well past the constraints of previous devices. In particular the new generation of ‘smart’ devices emerging, utilise this trend of shape experimentation to integrate their more powerful processing chips, display screens and increased device setting controls.

Increased Regulatory Processes

Along with the growth and expansion of the industry, the regulators have been busy pushing forwards innovating big with technology as well especially within the UK with the government releasing regular updates every few years. At first glance to you this may be perceived as a negative thing, however in this case it’s actually doing much more good for us vapers since clinical trials and quality standards are being increased to our benefit, leading to the creation of what we can be assured is a far safer product.

It’s even better when we see this trend occurring in every single element of the vape industry in 2020, as it’s not only devices but e-liquids as well that are becoming more and more thoroughly regulated now than ever before so you can be fully confident you’re not going to be vaping anything you shouldn’t. In fact our very own new Tropics range goes even further using only natural flavourings, so do your body even more good and take a look at them all here.

Mixing With Caffeine

What began as something of a novelty has quickly become an undeniable serious movement in the vape world in 2020, as all kind of people from across the globe who love their caffeine become interested in this new technologically innovated way of getting their fix.

These new vape juices featuring flashes of ginseng and or taurine in cases, present a very appealing concept at a time where most traditional ways of consuming caffeine through drinking it has become laden with increasing amounts of sugar and milk amongst other things. Hence this new form facilitates one of the cleanest ways ever to consume highly effective caffeine without all the calories, meanwhile not compromising on taste one bit and you can do all that in more flavours than ever before with us so click here to see them all.

The great big question now is as the industry continues to press forward and grow globally each day, all the meantime coming up with increasingly better solutions along the way to every vapers benefit, is just what else we can expect to see in future. The one thing that we do know is, it will definitely be very exciting finding out.


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