The Top 5 Celebrities Who Love A Vape in 2021

The Top 5 Celebrities Who Love A Vape in 2021

There’s nothing cooler than having something in common with world famous celebrities, and with all the intense media coverage of their lives you might think you already know absolutely everything there is about some of society’s most recognisable faces. However whilst those who smoke is often very well publicised, we rarely seem to hear about those who love to have a healthier vape instead. You might expect a safer alternative to delivering nicotine into the body to receive plenty of positive press, yet as tobacco companies still hold big influence over mainstream media knowledge about the celebrities who live and love the vape life in 2021 remains extremely supressed so let’s get on with fixing that right now with the definitive top 5.

Johnny Depp

We’ll kick things off with a household celebrity name not just in the UK but globally and also one of the most seasoned vapers out there, Johnny Depp first fell in love with vaping all the way back in 2010 when the industry was in its infancy whilst filming The Tourist. Although it’s not generally considered his most popular work by the masses, it could be yours as his character goes fully in-depth explaining the process of vaping and using an e-cigarette device which is sure to get hardcore vape fanatics thrilled. And unlike past relationships this love has lasted as well, as he’s still known to regularly enjoy a vape even well over a decade later in 2021, which proves unlike love from Amber Heard vaping will never mislead and turn its back on you.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The list of vape loving celebrities continues to go from strength to strength with another titan of the modern film industry, and funnily enough Leonardo DiCaprio was actually a co-star of Johnny Depp’s in the 1993 picture What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Further demonstrating how there is some deep rooted vape love down in Hollywood. The Oscar winner can also claim to be the vape king of the silver screen as his love affair with vaping began right at its very beginning in 2009 and in 2021 it’s still going as strong as ever, despite pressure from some within the industry to ditch the devices. After being spotted at the SAG awards in 2016 having a cheeky vape, the Oscars and several other awards ceremonies subsequently announced a ban on such behaviour showing Hollywood still has a long way to go before becoming an entirely Vape loving place.

Katy Perry

In 2021 it’s not just actors and actresses loving a good old vape though, and this one won’t surprise you one bit given how notorious smoking is for damaging vocal cords which is chart topping celebrity sensation Katy Perry has made a very smart switch to vaping. The global superstar best known for the super-hot hits such as “Firework” and “I Kissed A Girl” began her little love in with vaping back in 2013, and she is certainly living a teenage dream by adding years onto her life. Plus vaping’s connection to celebrities doesn’t just end there, as she’s since gone on to marry the equally famous Orlando Bloom in 2016 who fully supports her love of a vape and she is certainly a roaring spokeswoman for the industry.

Paris Hilton

Over the years Paris Hilton has had a wide assortment of jobs you may or may not have heard about (actress, DJ, singer and socialite just to name a few), but you’ll remember 2021 as the year you found out you can add vape lover to that long list of occupations. This is hardly surprising for someone who’s stayed at the very pinnacle of globally recognised celebrities by staying fully up to date on the latest trends, as she’s been pictured loving an e-cig many times over the years on social media and still in 2021.

Katherine Heigl

Celebrities in the United States don’t come much bigger than this one now, as the colossal actress best known for playing the huge role of Izzy in Gray’s Anatomy is an avid vaper. Out of all the celebrities we’ve mentioned today it can be said as of 2021 she is the most proactive in bringing vaping to the mainstream public’s attention, after daringly showing her love for a vape live on TV on David Letterman’s chat show and convincing him to give it a go as well!

Whether you love them or loathe them there can be no denying these celebrities are great advocators for generating positive promotion of the vape industry in todays digital world, which is key given the many barriers vaping still faces to widespread global acceptance in 2021. Hopefully these trailblazers can act as an example for more celebrities to come forwards and endorse their love affair for vaping in a good light, as this is the fastest possible way to end the stigma that still surrounds it in so many places unfortunately.


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